CTF has moved to a great new location at the Cherry Lane Business Park at
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8730 Cherry Lane, Laurel, MD 20707
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Crawford Fitness in Laurel, Maryland offers boxing for amateurs and professionals.


Using an old-school training approach to teach emerging combat sports, Crawford Training and Fitness offers boxing classes that are the most comprehensive of its kind in the region. Sessions are a fitness powerhouse blending elements of cardio, strength, and speed training. Using a time-tested, unparalleled approach to training, Crawford Training and Fitness' mixed martial arts sessions are world-class. Sessions blend punches elbows, knees, and kicks for optimum self defense.

Whether your looking to train for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), amateur or professional boxing arenas, or to take your fitness to the next level, Crawford Training and Fitness has you covered. Clients training can expect to learn proper execution techniques, professional style training to boost their fitness, weight management, and health to Olympic levels.


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